Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indo update

A few things i've got up to over the last week...

  • Took a plush ferry ride to Lembar, Lombok for 30,000 rupia. Highly recommend it...
  • Stayed at Desert Point for 4 nights and spent $150 all up
  • Watched a girl loose control of her moped and fly into a sewer/drain and scrape her face on the wall... sickening and hectic to watch, brought back a similar experience.
  • Slept above roosters for 4 night and didnt need an alarm clock
  • Ate amazing food in Seminyak
  • Ate Mie Goreng around 10 times
  • Had one hot shower
  • Worn two t-shirts and two pairs of boardies
  • Sat in this cafe with free wi-fi for 2 hrs sipping a coffee mohahahaha...